CWA Local 3603

Take Action

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings and the health and safety of our members the scheduled April 9th membership meeting has been canceled

This is a notification that the local will be holding a vote on By-Laws changes. This vote will take place at the May 14,2020 membership meeting. The By-Laws are important to the way the local handles buisness on a day to day basis. It is important for our members to be involved in the vote. You will have the ability to ask any questions on the items before the final vote is decided. 

Recent News

To continue to protect our members during this pandemic, the local will host our very first virtual membership meeting.  We have notified our members through email, Facebook private group, and Groupme with access information. If you did not receive a notification please call the hall at 704 568-3603 or email us at [email protected] to gain access. Keep in mind that the membership meeting is only for CWA members.